Who is Rasyomed?

With the development of the "Intensive Care Information Management System" within the Rasyomed framework, we are implementing an increasingly prevalent process automation in the global healthcare sector. Thanks to this solution, all processes in intensive care will be transformed into a digital environment that can be monitored in real-time, enabling the creation of reports and facilitating rapid interventions.

Advantages of this solution include:

Real-time Monitoring: The Intensive Care Information Management System allows real-time tracking of all processes in the intensive care unit. This provides the capability to monitor and assess the conditions of patients in real-time.

Report Generation Capability: The system can automatically generate detailed reports related to intensive care processes. These reports offer healthcare professionals and managers an overview, supporting decision-making processes.

Facilitation of Rapid Interventions: The system facilitates quick interventions in emergency situations. Instant data access provides healthcare professionals with the necessary information to make rapid decisions.

Data Security and Privacy: The system ensures the security of patient information and maintains confidentiality through robust security measures. It is designed in compliance with data security standards in the healthcare sector.

Integration and Compatibility: The Intensive Care Information Management System can be integrated with other healthcare systems, allowing easy adaptation to the existing infrastructure of healthcare institutions.

This advanced system appears to be designed to enhance the efficiency of intensive care units, improve patient care, and provide healthcare professionals with the ability to manage effectively.

What is Intensive Care Information System System Used for?

The Intensive Care Information System (ICIS) is used for the comprehensive management and monitoring of various processes within intensive care units (ICUs) in healthcare settings. Here are some key purposes and applications of an Intensive Care Information System:

Patient Monitoring: ICIS allows healthcare professionals to monitor patients in real-time, tracking vital signs, medical parameters, and other critical information. This continuous monitoring is crucial for identifying changes in a patient's condition promptly.

Data Collection and Storage: The system collects and stores a vast amount of patient data, including medical history, test results, and treatment plans. This centralized storage facilitates easy access to patient information by authorized healthcare personnel.

Process Automation: ICIS automates routine tasks and processes within the ICU, reducing the workload on healthcare staff. This can include automating data entry, generating reports, and streamlining administrative tasks.

Information: The system provides decision support tools based on the collected data, helping healthcare professionals make informed decisions about patient care. This includes alerts for abnormal values, trends, or potential issues.

Communication and Collaboration: ICIS often includes communication tools to facilitate collaboration among healthcare team members. It allows for the sharing of information, updates, and coordination of care plans.

Resource Management: ICIS helps in managing and optimizing resources within the ICU, including staff allocation, equipment utilization, and bed occupancy. This can contribute to more efficient and effective use of resources.

Quality Improvement: The data collected by ICIS can be analyzed to identify trends, assess the quality of care, and implement improvements in ICU processes. This supports a continuous quality improvement approach in healthcare delivery.

Compliance and Reporting: The system assists in maintaining compliance with healthcare regulations and standards. It also generates reports for regulatory purposes, audits, and internal analysis.

Integration with Other Systems: ICIS often integrates with other hospital or healthcare information systems, such as electronic health records (EHRs) or laboratory information systems. This interoperability ensures a seamless flow of information across different departments.

Patient and Family Engagement: Some ICIS solutions include features that allow patients and their families to access certain information, fostering transparency and engagement in the care process.

Who Can Use Intensive Care Information System?

The Intensive Care Information System (ICIS) is designed for use by various healthcare professionals and stakeholders involved in the management and delivery of care within intensive care units (ICUs). The primary users of ICIS include:

Intensivists and Critical Care Physicians
Nurses and Nursing Staff
Respiratory Therapists
Clinical Pharmacists
Hospital Administrators
Health Information Management (HIM) Professionals
Clinical Researchers
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Personnel
Patients and Families (Limited Access)
IT and System Administrators

Have you created the Intensive Care Information System with your own software team?

Our software was developed by our team with different expertise, together with the consultancy we received from healthcare professionals..

Do you provide integration with different applications?

Full integration can be achieved with the Hospital Information Management System (HIS). In this way, the patient record created in a different unit can be transferred to the intensive care unit automatically, and all the records formed during the intensive care unit are sent to HIS instantly.

How are the purchasing processes?

According to the structure and needs of the hospital, purchases can be made with the options as cash, term payment and rental options.

How do I get technical support if needed?

OOur technical support team at Rasyomed center provides support for all your questions and requests from a single point. You can contact us at info@rasyomed.com

Where will my information go if I stop using it?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all personal data contained in the software is backed up on its own servers. In case of a decision to terminate the use of our system, the licenses will be cancelled and the process will be terminated.

Does the ICU Information System have a Mobile Application?

Our system is web and mobile based. You can access the system from anywhere with internet access, regardless of the operating system you use.

Is Training on Software Use provided?

Online trainings are given by our corporate trainers via e-mail address info@rasyomed.com

Can the ICU Information System import old data from the ICU?

Retrospective data in the ICU can be transferred to our system

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