Rasyotek presents plenty of reference projects to 80 foundations and 40 various holdings inside of Turkey’s first 500 prime companies, besides more than 1000 companies in different sectors.

Rasyotek has started to present its pioneer solutions to supply the need’s of health sector.

Intensive Care Unit Information Management System developed by Rasyomed, set up a substructure to generate “Intensive Care Service Form” according to the circular broadcasted by Ministry of Health in 2019. It manages all processes digitally in Intensive Care Units and provides saving of time. It has been put into service gradually increased in global health sector without any other examples in Turkey and totally local process automation by Rasyotek with Intensive Care Unit Information Management System.

Under favour of this solution, all processes in intensive care units are going to turn into a structure managed to follow up, report and interfere rapidly.

According to International HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), paper free and digital processes needed of seventh level is going to be possible with “Intensive Care Decision Support System”.