Saving of Time

Our follow-up system automatically transfers most of the checks required by the nurse in intensive care unit and processes data to the patient card. In avarage a ninety five minutes’ saving of time is provided in twelve hours by using this system. This avarage time is able to increase according to the systems used by hospitals.

Ease of Patient Tracking

When out of the intensive care unit, it is provided that the physician instantly access to the patient data. The necessary treatment method (e.g. use of a different dose of a medication) is digitally ordered and transferred to the nurse. Under favour of these digital processes, the whole flow is able to track healthfully. A powerful follow-up can be provided.

For instance, All processes of a patient can be gathered in one registration after the patient enters to the hospital from emergency. Accessing opportunity is provided for all information of the patient from a flow chart. Data transmission and minimizing mistakes among units will be provided with this solution that make data continuity possible.

Cost Saving

Intensive Care Unit Information Management System   contributes to the overall budget by saving all stationery, consumables and archiving expenses used in intensive care units. Moreover, It is backed up to the enviromental protection awareness and it is transitioned to the paper free, digital hospital model.

Minimizing Manual Error

Our software automatically processes the intensive care data to the patient card in order to minimize any personal-induced errors. In addition to this, with process follow-up and warning mechanisms, faults occured due to workload is prevented.

Modular Structure

For changes demanded to be made for workflow or additional improvements changed upon area, hospital or specific process of intensive care units; our flexible system provides fast and low cost integration.

Our system is able to organise properly according to the current working methods. It can also be integrated easily and fast to the special system configurations such as drug compoundings and procedure regulations.

Our system that is able to work flexiable on the planned changes so as to do additional developments, can provide budget-friendly and fast integration.

Alarm System (Protocol Based Alerts)

Our monitoring system is able to reflect the sudden changes that may affect the vital status of the patient’s vital data (repiration, heartbeat … etc.) to the system and send automatic notifications to the nurse and physician in critical moments with alarm mechanism through the software. Furthermore, intensive care data is transfered to the HIMS automatically. Therefore, actual time is saved on by manuel input. Besides alarming systems; it transfers all steps, needed to follow up, to the authority as notice-warning.


Since all changes made in treatment protocols are recorded with the software, all processes in the intensive care unit can be monitored instantly. In addition that it contributes to intensive care management planning with its detailed reporting capability.

Department performance indicators can be defined and followed up by decreasing actual time under favour of convenience of data collection.

Search and Analysis

Flexible inquisitions are able to be defined easily with Rasyomed Patient Database. Data that supports clinical trials can be congregated and drawn up. Infrastructure of the system is such as to occur correct data source for advanced research and development works at different topics such as quality measurements, cost analysis and clinical education.

Integration Capability

Intensive Care Unit Information Management System, is able to work trouble-free with Hospital Information Management Systems (HIMS).

Integrated with Intensive Care Patient Bed-Side Devices:

  • Monitors
  • Ventilators
  • Blood Gas Devices
  • Dialysers
  • EKG
  • Hemoglobin Caunters
  • Infusion Pomps

Furthermore, there can be an API integration with archive, pharmacy, billing services laboratory and PACS. Standart medical protocols and HL7 texting standarts are able to be provided.

Decision Support System

Changes in condition of the patient can be followed up instantly with push notification. Range of risks can ben defined for situations occured immediately such as sepsis and hiperglisemi The system is tracked by reminders.

Financial alternatives, can be increased by missing invoice information and drug options warnings.