Intensive Care Units has imperative standarts with looking out for patients critical situations, complicated processes and protocols published in Resmi Gazete in 2011, July 7th with 28000 number of declaration by Ministry of Health.

Intensive Care Unit Information Management System is a software that we have developed with our own software team and 100 per cent Turkish fund. It reunits the patients information from different screens in intensive care unit, immediate health data and threatment process in one screen. ICIMS provides an integrated service about updating, follow-up, reporting and archiving the data in hospital.

It provides transmitting the information, creating task, reporting and alarming to the authority such as physician, nurse, hospital administration and the other relevant people. We present applications for intensive care units with our modular solutions by making needed integrations in time.

The last bu not the least, we aim to guide the patient, needed intensive care, for suitable hospital as soon as possible by following up intensive care units of hospitals.