What is Rasyomed?

Rasyomed is a software company with Intensive Care Unit Information Management System developed with its own software team and 100 per cent Turkish fund.

For what purpose the system is used?

Intensive Care Unit Information Management System is a software integrated with reporting, following up, updating and screening the information about treatment process, health data in one page in the intensive care units.

By whom is the system used?

It can be used in all hospitals with intensive care units. It provides convenience in terms of process following up and management especially for intensive care units with high number of beds.

What are capabilities of integration of the system?

It can be fully integrated with Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) used currently. The data of the patient in a different unit is able to trasferred to intensive care unit. All registrations in the intensive care unit can be sent instantly to HIMS as well.

What are the buying options?

There are three options according to the structure of the hospital. It can be bought by cash, having a fixed term or renting.

How is technical support provided?

Our technical support team in Rasyomed head office reply to all your questions and demands. You can access us within working hours from 0850 302 8787 numbered phone.

What are your applications at the end of the contract?

All personal data in the software is backed up in the company’s own servers by personal data protection law. In default of continuing, the process is to be ended by cancelling licences.

How can users of the system be educated?

Online training programmes are organized by our corporate tutors according to your needs.

Is data able to be transfered before configuration users of the system?

Previous period data kept in intensive care unit can be transfered to our system.